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HRH DUST JACKET (More colors!)
Pale Pink Dust Jacket and Black Tank Classic Black, Creamy Pearl, Cappuccino, Regal Navy Bleached Floral. Whipped Yellow. Mint Candy Floral. Barbie Pink. Traditional Leopard + Snow Leopard HRH Dust Jacket in Marie Antoinette Blue paired with the Pale Pink Tank Pale Pink Dust Jacket and Tank

HRH DUST JACKET (More colors!)

Im so excited to be adding clothing designs to my line!
Easy flowy pieces that are so versatile, non- fussy and easy to transfer from day to night.
All pieces from my two designs are easy to mix and match, following the same concept as my jewelry line.
Because this is the first time I am introducing clothing, the quantities available in sizes and colors are limited so please do not hesitate.

The dust jacket reminds me of something Marie Antoinette might have worn while walking through her gardens in Versailles.
A light and breezy piece that you can wear with almost anything. The sizes for this piece do not vary much, as they are all the same length but very slightly in their width.
So easy to wear, just throw on this dust jacket for a bit of prettiness and go.
These dust jackets are slightly thicker than my first batch of the pale pink and blue and a slightly less sheer.
Please do not hesitate if this dust jacket has been on your wish list! As you may know quantities are limited and sell out!
Sizes Small Medium or Large and available in four colors.
Made in the USA and material is chiffon.
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